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Commercialisation, Conception

40.gif (16017 bytes) Pierre-Yves LAPLANCHE

Permis de Construire, Plans

41.gif (36751 bytes) Marie-France SCURI

Conception, Fabrication usine

42.gif (13871 bytes) Francis TARDIF

Montage client et S.A.V.

43.gif (14008 bytes) Christian FLEURY

Fabrication usine, Montage client

44.gif (14373 bytes) Guillaume GUILLAUME



The 3 principal purposes of FRANCE DISTRIBUTION are :

First: Listen to each client, usefully advice him in his site project, in the selection of the equipments, of the options and to assist him efficiently in the civil engineering works.

Second: Obtain a permanent satisfaction off all clients thanks to the reliability of the equipment, the efficiency of washing and the quality of service.

Third: Make everything possible in order to ensure a good return on investment and reinforce the durability of our company.




Pierre-Yves LAPLANCHE : Marketing & Conception

Marie-France SCURI : Planning Permission & Plans

Francis TARDIF : Engineering & Manufacturing

Guillaume GUILLAUME  : Manufacturing & Fitting on site

Christian FLEURY : Fitting on site & After-sale Service



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