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High Pressure



In case of smaller budget or in function of the available space on the site, FRANCE DISTRIBUTION propose You its HIGH-PRESSURE WASHING MODULES.

Technology and components are the same as the ones used for HIGH-PRESSURE WASHING CENTERS.

The technical room is smaller (Lenght= 2,45 m, width = 1,34 m, hight = 2,60 m), so it only contains the necessary equipment for 2 washing tracks and cannot recieve a third track or more, neither some options.

Its often use for one covered and one uncoverd track.

Regardings customers’wishes, when the space of the site allows it, it’s higly recommanded to forsee the fitting of an AUTOMATIC WASHING MACHINE with BRUSHES.

We recommand you our  PVL  model, on which we can bring from the High-Pressure Center the supply of demineralized water on the rinsing cycle.

The result is that it’s not necessary to dry the vehicles with the use of a drier any more.

Advantages are :

Cheaper investment.

Lower Electric consumption.

NO Noise Pollution.

Fastest washing time.

Increase of the height of wash ( 2,80m instead of 2,35m ).

NO traces after evaporation drying.


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